Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs

What’s a Bandick?

While once commonly seen prowling the streets of the city, Bandicks are now quite domesticated. While Bandicks tend to live solitary lives, it has been observed that they can and will thrive in a pack setting. This is thought to be the reason for their strong propensity toward pair-bonding.

While there have been no documented cases of Bandicks mating for life, evidence suggests that, given the right circumstances, this could occur. Unfortunately, they do not always select suitable mates and extended periods of depression following a failed pair-bond is common.

Bandicks are known for their short bursts of energy, followed by long periods of rest. They are known to be loyal and pleasant companions and they are often seen socializing with other species, such as cats and dogs.

If you happen across a Bandick in your neighborhood, by all means, try to feed it. They have a weakness for seafood. And cheese.

The future of the Bandick is unclear but there is still hope that they will not become extinct. And with your donation of $1.50 a day, that’s less than the cost of a doughnut, you can help. Or, you can just send the doughnut. That works, too.

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