Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs

Baby steps to the refrigerator

Dr. Leo Marvin!

Well, I dropped the 1.8 pounds I had gained last week and I am back to exactly 175.8. I’m running making the huge losses I saw in the first week, but I’ll take the baby steps to my goal.

I did a lot of eating over the weekend, as anticipated, but I could have (and in the past, would have) done worse. This week will take some serious strategic planning, especially with the annual family boot hockey game (and chili chow down) on Saturday. My plan is to bring the ultra-addictive Old Dutch puffed caramel corn that I’ve been running into EVERYWHERE this winter, and one other secret sweet treat, and then play as hard as I can so I don’t feel too guilty.

On the upside, it’s snowing like crazy and is forecasted to continue into tomorrow, so I have ample shoveling in my near future to burn a calorie or two.

Live, love, lose.

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