Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs

A new category is born

I may be jumping the gun, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it. After only two dates, I’m adding a new category to my neglected little blog…”the red baron.” Thanks to yorkie pud’ for the nickname; it seems to fit.

Yes, he is an online dating connection. And after many attempts, it appears that he’ll be the first one to make it past three dates. We’re having the third on Thursday and we have tentative plans for the weekend.

I’m going to keep it short for now. Just enough so that when the time comes and he’s given the secret code to unlock the blog (also known as the url), he’ll know that I was thinking about him and I had good feelings about our prospects from very early on in the relationship. I’m also not going to scour the blog looking for things to delete that might make me seem a little crazy. He’s going to have to embrace the crazy, along with my messy past. It’s part of the package that I’m not going to hide from anyone.

So, red baron, when you have found this little post, thank you for a fun day at the zoo, and yummy mexican food, and a sweet first kiss. And although I told you yesterday that misery is great inspiration for writing, happiness can be quite compelling as well.

Category: dating, the Baron
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