Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs

November has come to a close…

…and I still have no toilet.
But I posted every day.
I am both shocked AND awed.

I have realized a lot in the last thirty days:
1) I missed my blog.
2) If you buy a house that needs a bathroom renovation, be sure it’s not the only bathroom in the house.
3) Peeing in the backyard is sort of fun, like suburban camping. Just be sure not to hit the same spot each time.
4) I wish my brother and I were closer.
5) I love my bed and no coating of sheetrock dust will ever change that.
6) Never perform demolition without shoes on.
7) I love me a fuzzybottom.
8) It is a human imperative to eat until you pass out on Thanksgiving.
9) Cats throw up. A lot.
10) I have the greatest parents this planet has to offer. No. Seriously. THE GREATEST. They’re the Rocky of the parenting world.

Tomorrow’s the first day of December.
Will I post? Or not?
The suspense is killing me.

Category: NaBloPoMo
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