Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs

Got Puss?

It brings a tear to my eye that bandick reigns supreme*, and google still loves us best.

*I did just post an appendix oozing puss status update last April, but this one is almost four years to the date of the first. That’s a long time to hold the title…plus, the more times I write appendix oozing puss, the more I cement my #1 status.

**This has sort of turned into a chicken and egg conundrum, because now the #1 appendix oozing puss status on google links to the January 14, 2005 post. But this was the original post that prompted the meteoric rise to fame. Please note that appendix and oozing puss aren’t actually used in the same symptom, but I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how many people find this site using the “appendix oozing puss” search string. How do you know that your appendix is oozing puss? See what I’m doing? That’s just gross, man.

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