Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs


Ahhh…the beast dragging my neighbor’s kid, and the chair in which he was sitting, across the yard by the Koosh football. A fairly common sight these days.

Siri is great. Healthy and happy and hyper.

She has recently put on some weight, which is good because I’m a little tired of people saying, “she’s soooo thin”, while they secretly give me the suspicious eyeball as they mentally tally up my short-comings to determine whether or not I might be the type of person that would starve a dog.

Siri and Jack, the rag doll featured above, are great together and they have come to fill a void in each other’s lives. Jack’s dog died last year and he is a kid that needs a dog. Siri may or may not have had a kid in her life before she came to live with us but she is a dog that needs a kid. Jack comes to stay with his dad Thursday night through Sunday afternoon, of which I have to remind Siri every Monday through Wednesday when she is standing in the corner of the yard whining and barking for that “damn kid to get out here already; don’t make me wait when I want to chase you on your bike and give you tongue to face resuscitation when you pretend to crash….arghhhh!”

We’re over six months into this relationship and I think the fuzzybottom and I feel much more comfortable in our respective canine parenting roles. I also think Siri feels more comfortable in her adoptive home. She’s more relaxed because she pretty well understands what is expected of her. Not that she always does what’s expected of her, but at least she can prepare herself for our reaction to the digging, chewing, barking, or wandering behaviors.

All that’s left to say is, there’s something about puppy love…

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