Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs

At this time be thankful…

…that your hand is not this BIG.

Obviously, this is not actual size. Your monitor couldn’t handle it. Think, André the Giant.

What is that, water retention?

Enjoy the beginning of “that time of year”! PJ McFuzzybottom comes in first thing tomorrow morning for lots of turkey and naps.

Wishes of the same for you all!

Another super hero day

I am a fan of the long sweater. They are more than certainly out of fashion and will show up on the fugly list of don’ts, but I love them.

They keep my ass warm.

More importantly, they keep my ass covered.

But, they also make me feel like Superman. Or Supergirl, who never was very super but she did have a cape. These super hero feelings may have some relation to my crazy arm swinging strut that gets the sweater flicking from side to side resulting in a bit of visual trickery in which I appear to be flying the speed of light.

I’m just trying to keep moving so no one tries to look at my ass.

Invisible Woman, minus the supercool powers

I’ve been feeling weird lately.
Disconnected. Faint. Distant.

Today I realized that it’s actually manifesting itself into invisibility.

Suddenly people are walking off of elevators without noticing me until body parts that should not be touching are. They are rounding corners and making me dance to avoid them. They are standing in front of the coffee pot stirring, pouring, stirring, and pouring while I clear my throat and sigh deeply not two feet away.

On the road they are backing into me in parking lots, forcing me into ditches, and trying to drive through me at intersections.

The world is living separate from me. And I can’t quite reconnect.

Like I said, weird.

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