Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs

Merry, merry…

Living in Minnesota is a good reminder of the importance of flexibility in life. We were planning to drive a few hours west to spend Christmas eve with the Baron’s family, but now the forecasters are telling us to hunker down and brace for a big storm.

Whatever happens, we’ll have plenty of cookies and biscotti to get us through and my folks live so close that we could throw on our snow pants and hike over there if we had to.

Wishing you a warm and cozy holiday, where ever you are!

Dear blog…

Not that you’ll notice, because I rarely visit anymore, but the Red Baron and I are going to Mexico on Saturday. We’ll be gone for a week and when I return, I’ll probably ignore you for another week or so. But then I’ll visit and tell you all about it.

Be good and don’t let any of those riff-raff spammers in while I’m away. And NO PARTIES.

Chicago – The Tahiti of the Midwest.

The trip was short but great. My brother (and family — Sab and kitties) live in the perfect area. They are three blocks from the lake and there are tons of cute shops and yummy restaurants within walking distance. So, we walked.

And walked.

And walked.

Okay, maybe not THAT much but as much as necessary to give me enough sun that I could convince my co-workers that I’d taken a jaunt to Tahiti for some quick snorkeling.

On Monday, we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and saw the grrranimals. I am not crazy about zoos, especially small zoos, but I really like the idea of a zoo that is free to the public. If you’re just strolling around the neighborhood…why not cut through the zoo and see the seals?

I took some terrible pictures (with my phone) of hippos

and fish

and monkeys…oh my!

But my favorite animal of the weekend was…

Wally makes you feel like the most important human who ever existed. My dog is happy to see me when I get home. But Wally makes you feel as if you are his favorite chew toy, that he accidentally left in the park and now someone is returning to him, after three months…dipped in gravy. Let’s just say, he totally loses his cool.

Wally is my cousin’s (and wifey poo’s) dog and he is my fourth favorite animal on the planet. Actually, he’s my second but if you tell my cats they’d likely go on a hunger strike , umm, well, they wouldn’t stop eating but they’d be hurt just the same.

Did I mention that this whole trip was a birthday present from Faris & Sab? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It was way above and beyond. I wonder if I should exchange those socks I bought for your birthday…?

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