Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs

Tomorrow’s October?!?!?

I’ve got a 500 page book to read by a week from Tuesday for my book club, a crash course on Project Management to finish by Wednesday for work, and two sporting events to attend in the next two days.

Things are busy but fun. I’m excited for my fall projects and I’m making plans for all of the winter activities that will occupy my mind until we see the first little buds popping up next March.

It was a good summer, but next year I’m after more sailing and biking. And less snacking.

Go Twins, Go Johnnies!

Scuba Sally!

I’m finally starting my Open Water Diver certification class tonight. I’m all studied up and ready to get in the water. Class is tonight, all day tomorrow, and Sunday morning. Then in a couple of weeks I’ll do a weekend of diving and I can officially join the scuba sally club!


Baby steps to the refrigerator

Dr. Leo Marvin!

Well, I dropped the 1.8 pounds I had gained last week and I am back to exactly 175.8. I’m running making the huge losses I saw in the first week, but I’ll take the baby steps to my goal.

I did a lot of eating over the weekend, as anticipated, but I could have (and in the past, would have) done worse. This week will take some serious strategic planning, especially with the annual family boot hockey game (and chili chow down) on Saturday. My plan is to bring the ultra-addictive Old Dutch puffed caramel corn that I’ve been running into EVERYWHERE this winter, and one other secret sweet treat, and then play as hard as I can so I don’t feel too guilty.

On the upside, it’s snowing like crazy and is forecasted to continue into tomorrow, so I have ample shoveling in my near future to burn a calorie or two.

Live, love, lose.

Merry, merry…

Living in Minnesota is a good reminder of the importance of flexibility in life. We were planning to drive a few hours west to spend Christmas eve with the Baron’s family, but now the forecasters are telling us to hunker down and brace for a big storm.

Whatever happens, we’ll have plenty of cookies and biscotti to get us through and my folks live so close that we could throw on our snow pants and hike over there if we had to.

Wishing you a warm and cozy holiday, where ever you are!

All quiet on the (mid)western front…

The Red Baron and I spent a pretty low-key Thanksgiving with his family in west-central Minnesota, where it was sunny and cold(ish), but the company was very pleasant.

Things have been really (REALLY) great lately and I’m hoping that this trend continues into the new year and well beyond.

I’m getting a little bummed about the short, short days, but we’re just a few weeks away from the turn-around, which always gives me a little bit of a mental boost. It’s been warmer than normal over the past several weeks, we don’t have any snow on the ground, and the ponds still haven’t frozen over (at least not enough to stay frozen), so I’m having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit.

I’m sort of missing writing, but I realized a few years ago that if I’m not angsty, I’m not so inspired to write. So, I’m hoping that I will stay uninspired for the foreseeable future. Maybe five years was a good run and it’s now time to sign off…? I guess I’ll think on it; I’m paid up until spring so no need to make any rash decisions.

Take care for now, my cyberspace friends.

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