Still passing the open windows and falling down the stairs


The bathroom sat empty for nearly one month.

Cavernous empty. The kind of empty that makes you want to do the mountain yodel and blow on your alphorn.

But now there are cabinets, and vanities, and light fixtures…

But that won’t stop my yodeling.

It’s toilet day!

We thought it might happen yesterday but waiting for paint to dry slows things down…

Here’s our beautifully grouted floor…

And the lovely threshold tiles that have yet to be grouted (please ignore ugly linoleum tiling in hallway, that’s another project for another day)…

Fuzzy is about to apply the second coat to the walls and then it’s moving in day! I have to work both jobs today so it will be like an episode of “While You Were Out”. I can’t wait!

Oh, man. I can’t stop.

Can’t. Stop. Blogging.

Mr. & Ms. bandick-Fuzzybottom would like to announce the arrival of their beautiful new ceramic tile floor!



It’s starting to look like a bathroom.

It was a difficult delivery with hours of labor. Fuzzy held up quite well. He managed his breathing and pushed like a pro. Really. He pushed each piece like crazy to get the job done. He’s resting today but is up and walking.

By the end of the weekend we should have a painted bathroom with a finished floor (still needs grout), a vanity with sink, a linen cabinet, a medicine cabinet, a pretty new light fixture, along with all of the accessories like the towel bars and t.p. holder…and a TOILET!

But there is no time to rest. We will still need to tile the shower, install the window casing, stain the pocket door and install it, and buy/cut/stain the remaining woodwork (baseboards, trim, etc.). We also need a little hallway fixin’ – new paint and a section of the floor needs repair.

That’s still quite a list but after we get a toilet, it’s all good.

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